• Tem 3 2011 12:00AM - Castrol Ford Team Türkiye won a double victory with Ford Fiesta

    3rd race of the Turkish Rally Championship has been organized by ISOK (Istanbul Motorsports Club) in Istanbul. Castrol Ford Team Türkiye’s pilot finished in 1st and 2nd with Ford Fiesta S2000 vehicles and 9th and 11th ranking with Ford Fiesta R2 vehicles.

    First Day of the Rally
    Yağız Avcı and Bahadır Gücenmez kept the leadership from 1st stage to the last stage of the 1st day. After the first day,
    Yağız Avcı was in the first place with 29,1 seconds gap between the second ranking Burak Çukurova with Skoda Fabia
    S2000. Murat Bostancı and Onur Vatansever was in the 3rd ranking after Burak Çukurova with only 0,9 seconds. The
    first day showed a signal for a tremendous victory with 1st place Yağız Avcı, 3rd place Murat Bostancı, 10th place Orhan
    Avcıoğlu and 13th place Emre Yurdakul.

    Second Day of the Rally
    Yağız Avcı held on th leadership by improving the gap between other competitors. Murat Bostancı ranked in 2nd place
    after 1st stage of the second day. This status has been kept till the end of the race and after 9th stage Yağız Avcı was in
    the first place with +01:52.4 gap and Murat Bostancı in the second place with +01:48.1 gap with the following
    competitors. Orhan Avcıoğlu finished in the 9th place with only 11,5 seconds after Burcu Çetinkaya with Fiat Punto S2000.
    Emre Yurdakul finished in the 11th place .

    After Istanbul Rally, Castrol Ford Team Türkiye improved the status in the Turkish Rally Championship
    and also Yağız Avcı & Murat Bostancı is in the first and second place in the Pilot’s Championship.

    1. Yağız Avcı 65,00
    2. Murat Bostancı 43,20
    3. Ercan Kazaz 38,00
    4. Burak Çukurova 35,00
    5. Fatih Kara 31,00

    1. Castrol Ford Team Türkiye 142,40
    2. Bonus Parkur Racing 85,80
    3. Tok Sport 70,60
    4. Pegasus Racing 46,00
    5. Neo Motorspor 14,00


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