• Ağu 2 2011 12:00AM - Double victory from Castrol Ford Team Türkiye at Ford Otosan

    Castrol Ford Team Türkiye achieved a historical record at 29th Ford Otosan Kocaeli Rally. In overall classification and young pilots classification, Castrol Ford Team Türkiye pilots won the first two rankings.

    With the effect of hot weather conditions and tough rally stages, only 18 vehicles from 43 attendees were able to finish the rally. Ford Fiesta vehicles showed their strength in this rally.

    Castrol Ford Team Türkiye ranks in the first place in Turkish Rally Championship after 4 challenging races. In Pilots Championship ranking, Yagiz Avci and Murat Bostanci are in the first and second places with Ford Fiesta S2000 vehicles and they are empowering their positions after each rally.

    The team participated with 2 Fiesta S2000, 2 Fiesta R2 and 1 Fiesta ST. Yagiz Avci and co-pilot Bahadir Gucenmez finished within 1:44:02.6 and the other S2000’s driver Murat Bostanci and co-pilot Onur Vatansever finished within 1:44:47.6 with 45 seconds after Yagiz Avci. Follower Burak Çukurova ranked in third place with 25,8 seconds after Murat Bostanci. R2’s drivers & co-pilots Emre Yurdakul– Burak Erdener ranked in the 6th place after by eliminating powerfull 4 Wheel & 2 Wheel traction competitors.

    With these points, Castrol Ford Team Türkiye is not far away from 2011 Championship. There are 3 more rallys to go...

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